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Carolina Palacios

Pianist and composer from Viña del Mar, Chile, were she studied at the Institute of Music at the Catholic University of Valparaiso (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaiso, Chile) majoring in classical piano with Ms. María Angélica Beláustegui, graduating in 2011.

Specializing in Versed Music, she has performed in different stages for the Region of Valparaiso, with a diverse repertoire of piano compositions and interpreting such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart on his 250th anniversary and Franz Schubert at the Municipal Theater of Valparaíso. She has taught and promoted her students in annual concerts over a decade and exceeded in her participation as a jury member for the Claudio Arrau Competition in 2017

During the recent years aside from teaching she is dedicated to composing for orchestras such as strings and choir sections. In 2016 the Marga Marga Orchestra interpreted “Suite de Otoño” (Autumn Suite).

Highlights of original compositions. Suite de Otoño, consist of 5 movements:

La Mariposa (The Butterfly)
This piece according to the composer represents an autumn forest.
Their arpeggios evoke the movement of their translucent wings that let a weak sun pass, all under a scenario of reddish colors.

La Lluvia (The rain)
It represents a sudden heavy rain, which devastates everything around it. Since all is flooded with force, wildlife should take refuge and protect itself.

El Bosque (The forest)
This movement describes a grey and solitary scenario, of a dark and humid forest. Finally the rays of sun manage to enter between the leafage of their ancestral trees.

La Noche (The night)
Inspired by a cold autumn night, it transports us to past times with constant rhythms that daze and enchant.

La Manaña (The morning)
In this movement with its particular notes, they take us to breathe a fresh and clean air after a rainy night. The birds come down to drink from the pools of rain in a green and solemn environment.

Fantasía para un peregrino (Fantasy for a pilgrim)
This work created in 2017 represents a journey through distant places and different eras and is composed of 4 movements:

El Viaje (The Trip)
Inspired by the ancestral Orient

Sueño Sioux (Sioux Dream)
It represents an elderly Native-American who remembers the arrival of the British settlers to North America, describing the bewilderment of a future and the terrible suffering for first nation people.

El Robledal (The Oak Grove)
It transports us to the frozen forests of Europe. In a place covered with oaks, were in the distance the sparkle in the window of a small house, giving a feeling of warmth that invokes your childhood.

La Sombra (The shadow)
This is an interpretation of the fear of the unknown, beyond our senses, of a stormy and confusing atmosphere in children’s dreams.

About the Author and Teresa Wilms Montt

“I have wanted to musicalize some of her poems, since they are my inspiration and a great literary richness.”

Teresa Willms Montt

Writer from Viña del Mar, Chile from the early twentieth century, was born on September 8, 1893, is considered a feminist precursor, rebellious to the bourgeois values towards the society of the time.

She was forced into a convent, managed to escape thanks to her friend Vicente Huidobro, arriving in Buenos Aires where she started her literary career. After traveling to different places and finally settling in Paris. She passed away on December 24, 1921 and was buried in the cemetery of Per-La Chaice in Paris, France.